Philosophy, BA


Bachelor of Arts

Program Delivery

On Campus, Online, Hybrid

Total Credits

30 - 60 Credits

About the Philosophy Program

As a discipline, philosophy is applied to a great variety of topics, such as the nature of knowledge, the mind, and truth, determining what is moral, investigating what makes something beautiful, and inquiring about the existence of God or Ultimate Reality.

As a practice, philosophy teaches analytical and critical thinking, develops oral and written communication skills, and contributes to interdisciplinary understanding. Skills developed in this area help philosophy students excel in careers in law, medicine, management, education, government, writing, computer science, psychology, sociology, and ministry, among many others.

Focus of Study

Students in the program engage in rigorous academic training and have the opportunity to explore various areas of philosophy through upper-division coursework.

With the skills developed within the undergraduate Philosophy degree program, students excel in careers in law, medicine, management, education, government, writing, computer science, psychology, sociology, and ministry among many others.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be able to display capacities for and skills in critical thinking
  • Be able to write and orally express clear, logical, and grammatically correct philosophical arguments
  • Be able to display detailed knowledge of the current literature or historical background of a philosophical problem
  • Be able to demonstrate research skills in locating and using resources and extending inquiry on philosophical questions

Program Requirements

El Pomar Center on UCCS Campus

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Philosophy requires the following:

  • A minimum of 30 credit hours of PHIL coursework. At least 21 of those hours must be upper division (courses numbered 3000 or higher).
  • A grade of C or better in courses applied to the major.
  • A minimum 2.0 GPA must be maintained in all PHIL coursework.
  • No more than 60 credit hours of PHIL coursework may apply to the bachelor’s degree.

Additional coursework is required to complete the Philosophy, BA degree. Please see the advising guide on the Academic Advising website for more information.

Program Coursework

Core Courses

Complete one of the following courses:

  • PHIL 1120: Critical Thinking
  • PHIL 3420: Symbolic Logic I

Complete the following course:

  • PHIL 4950: Senior Thesis

Complete a minimum of 24 additional credit hours of Philosophy (PHIL) electives.

At least 18 hours of electives must be upper-division (3000+ level) courses.

For program coursework, please visit the Academic Catalog.

Admissions Details

To learn more about admission requirements and the application process, please visit the UCCS Admissions page.

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