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Philosophy is the systematic and critical inquiry into thinking and the nature of existence.

Philosophy badge As a discipline, philosophy is applied to a great variety of topics, such as the nature of knowledge, the mind, and truth, determining what is moral, investigating what makes something beautiful, and inquiring after the existence of God or Ultimate Reality.

As a practice, philosophy teaches analytical and critical thinking, develops oral and written communication skills, and contributes to interdisciplinary understanding. Philosophy attempts to answer perennial questions about values, human existence, and the nature of reality. Skills developed in this inquiry help philosophy students excel in careers in law, medicine, management, education, government, writing, computer science, psychology, sociology, and ministry among many others.


To the BattlefieldTo the Battlefield and Back Again: Dialogues on the Experience of War 
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Fake NewsLies, Damned Lies, Fake News:  Civic Engagement & Justice in a Post Truth Society
UCCS Downtown, Friday, Oct 21, 5-6pm | More Information

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Upcoming Course Spotlight: Spring 2023

  1. PHIL 4100 - American Pragmatism

    Analysis and appreciation of America’s most important contribution to intellectual life, pragmatism. Also discussed are two of pragmatism’s predecessors, transcendentalism and naturalism. 

    Wednesday: 1:40-4:20pm

    Taught by Patrick Yarnell

  2. PHIL 4080 - Constructions of Truth

    This course responds to the threats associated with the age of post-truth, where fake news and disregard for evidence discredit opponents’ views. Countering this culture phenomenon with philosophical arguments highlights the moral, social, and political costs associated with it. Approved for Compass Curriculum requirements: Explore-Arts, Humanities and Cultures; Writing Intensive. Prer., One philosophy course. Meets with PHIL 5080.

    Online Asynchronous

    Taught by Raphael Sassower



  3. PHIL 3170 - Epistemology

    Consideration of the classical and contemporary, contributions to the analysis of the nature, limits, and conditions of knowledge. Meets with PHIL 5180.

    Monday: 1:40-4:20pm

    Taught by Rex Welshon

  4. PHIL 3030 - Science and Religion

    What is the relationship between science and religion? Do they conflict or are they complementary or …? This course explores these questions using interdisciplinary analyses from Religious Studies, Science and Technology Studies, the History of Science, Philosophy, and the Life Sciences. Prer., Sophomore standing or consent of instructor.

    Tuesdays and Thursdays: 10:50-12:05am

    Taught by Karen deVries

  5. PHIL 3690 - Islamic Philosophy

    An exploration of the development of Arab Islamic philosophy, history and culture through the Ottoman and Colonial periods into the construction of the modern Arab states and the emergence of contemporary Islamic political philosophy. Topics include nationalism, globalization, democracy, human rights and women. Approved for Compass Curriculum requirements: Explore-Arts, Humanities, and Cultures; Inclusiveness (Global/Diversity); Writing Intensive.

    Online Asynchronous

    Taught by Patrick D'Silva

  6. PHIL 3240 - Political Violence

    Critical examination of the philosophic commitments that underlie and affect war, conflict resolution, and peace; evaluation of various questions involved in conducting war and resolving disputes; consideration of the feasibility of pacifism. Approved for LAS Global Awareness requirement. Approved for Compass Curriculum requirements: Explore-Arts, Humanities, and Cultures; Writing Intensive.

    Tuesday: 1:40-4:20pm

    Taught by Jennifer Kling

A Message From the Chair

Professor Jeff Scholes

Welcome to the UCCS Department of Philosophy!

The Philosophy Department was one of the original programs on the UCCS campus. In 1966, one year after the university received the Cragmor acreage, Philosophy was established as an extension of the Boulder department’s offerings under the leadership of Resident Dean, Richard Francis. From its origins as a branch department, the UCCS Philosophy Program soon became an independent department offering the major in Philosophy.

Our Philosophy Department has an exceptionally broad range of courses taught by experts in their respective fields. Our program of study is historically-based with courses that focus on four periods in the history of philosophy including full coverage of Eastern traditions and Religious Studies.

We offer courses in all traditional areas, such as Metaphysics, Ethics, and Epistemology, and many courses on the cutting edge of their disciplines that deal with gender, class, and race. We offer an undergraduate major (30 credit hours), a minor (18 credit hours), and specialized minors in Religious Studies, Asian Studies, and Classics (for more information, see our Programs page). The department requires of each of our majors the writing of an undergraduate thesis as the capstone of their experience as a Philosophy major.

Please visit the Faculty & Staff tab at the top of this page to find more of who we are and what we do.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions about the Department of Philosophy.

Jeff Scholes: jscholes@uccs.edu

Head of Department