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Congratulations to Melanie Tate (UCCS Class of 2014)

Melanie Tate, UCCS Class of 2014, has completed her PhD in Philosophy at the University of Washington.

In her dissertation, “Love in Descartes’ Metaphysics and Moral Philosophy,” Tate examines the central ideas within seventeenth-century philosopher René Descartes’ theory of love. He holds that we “join ourselves in volition” to those we love, which he describes as “imagin[ing] a whole of which we think ourselves to be only one part and the thing loved another” (AT XI: 387). The idea that we join ourselves in volition to others plays an important role in Descartes’ moral philosophy, as he enjoins us to see ourselves as forming a whole with our communities and warns about the dangers of separating ourselves from others. He writes that hatred, which is an emotion that “incites the soul to will to be separated,” cannot “be so little that it fails to harm” (AT XI: 387, 433). The main aim of Tate's dissertation is to explain Descartes’ justification for why we ought to join ourselves in volition to others and to argue that we can prevent hatred by joining ourselves in volition to others. Additionally, Tate strives to further our understanding of the relation between Descartes’ metaphysics and moral philosophy, as well as contribute to recent efforts to recover neglected texts and themes in the history of philosophy.


Notable Alumni

Patrick Lee

Patrick Lee, Class of 2016

Currently pursuing an Msc in the History of Science, Medicine and Technology at the University of Oxford.
Char Brevick

Char Brecevic, Class of 2013

Current Position: Biofuels Research Technician at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory


"Studying philosophy at UCCS not only allowed me to become a more incisive thinker, but also a stronger and more efficacious scientist."


Therese Carmack, Class of 2015

Double Major: Philosophy and Music. Attending Graduate School at the Eastman School of Music, New York, Graduating 2018, Master of Music in Voice Performance and Literature.

Lanita Stokes, Class of 2016

Accepted into the University of Denver's Master of Liberal Studies in Global Affairs Program.
Kirstyn Jacobs

Kirstyn Jacobs,  Class of 2015

Law student at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law on a Provost Merit Scholarship. Philosophy is one of the few disciplines that teaches one how to write and think critically. 
Mari Holden

Mari Holden, Class of 2004

 Olympic Silver Medalist at the Sydney Olympics. World Time Trial Champion in 2000.
Stephen Ludwig

Stephen Ludwig, Class of 1993

Currently serves as chair of the strategic planning committee and as the regents' representative to the Auraria Higher Education Center board.
Timothy Duffey

Timothy A. Duffy, Class of 1991

Partner at Kirkland & Ellis LLP in Chicago, IL. Founder of the Timothy Duffy Award, given to the top Philosophy major headed to law school.
Lana Garcia

Lana Garcia, Class of 2007

"Studying philosophy has allowed me to cultivate strong reading, writing, and critical and creative thinking skills which have allowed me to have successful jobs as both a paralegal and a filmmaker."
Mia Laleh Tabib

Mia Laleh Tabib, Class of 2013

"As a graduate student at Yale I am studying for and MDiv with an emphasis in Philosophy of religion with some of the best and brightest minds in the world. If it were not for the personal attention and mentorship from my professors and faculty.
Mickey Cunningham

Mickey Cunningham, Class of 2014

"My work in philosophy has sharpened my thinking tremendously. The passion that each professor has for their subjects in obvious...and contagious."
Karenleigh Overmann

Karenleigh Overmann, Class of 2013

"The study of philosophy (especially philosophy of mind and logic) introduced me to the study of the mind, directly supporting my interest in cognition and ultimately my pursuit of a doctorate at the University of Oxford".
Katie Spence

Katie Spence, Class of 2010

"if you let it, studying philosophy will change the way you look at things. For me, it installed and intense passion to understand the world around me on a deeper level, and to not accept anything at face value. 
Ryan Zahler

Ryan Zahler,  Class of 2013

"Philosophy has taught me how to be happy."
Melanie Tate

Melanie Tate, Class of 2014

 "Studying philosophy at UCCS has opened the door for me to complete my PhD in Philosophy at the University of Washington."