Double Major Partnerships

Double Major Partnerships

Adding a philosophy major to one's major in another discipline, thereby creating a double major, is an option for students who wish to obtain a broader perspective in their discipline for post-graduate work. All requirements for the philosophy major apply to double majors. Students may have two different majors in two different colleges or in the same college.

The Department of Philosophy currently enjoys Double Major Partnerships with the following departments at UCCS:  Psychology, Political Science, History, Sociology.  Click on the links below to view more information about each Double Major Partnership:


Students interested in adding a double major may contact the UCCS Academic Advising Office:

  • Location: Main Hall 208
  • Hours: Monday–Friday:  9am-4pm Appointments Only (except Wednesday afternoons)
  • Drop-in Advising every Wednesday from 1pm-4:30pm
  • Call: (719) 255-3260
  • Website:


For more information about the Department of Philosophy's Double Major Partnerships, contact Sonja Tanner (Head of Department):