Ethics Bowl Team

UCCS Ethics Bowl Team

What is Ethics Bowl?

Ethics Bowl is a competition where teams from various colleges and universities debate and discuss complex, real-world ethical challenges in an attempt to determine what we ought to do about them. (For instance, a case might ask how ER doctors ought to handle a coding patient who has not signed a “Do Not Resuscitate” form, but who has a tattoo on his chest that says “Do Not Resuscitate.”)

Teams are judged on how well they take account of all the ethical issues at stake in the relevant case, how well they respond to the opposing team’s points, and how well their manner and discussion are conducive to constructive (rather than destructive) ethical debate.

Participation Details

As a team, you’ll prep in the fall for the Rocky Mountain Regional Ethics Bowl competition, and attend the competition itself, which takes place in November and includes several rounds of competition over the course of 1 day. If the team succeeds at the Regional Ethics Bowl competition, we will prep for and compete at the National Ethics Bowl competition in March, which takes place over 2 days.

The UCCS Ethics Bowl team is linked to PHIL 3010: Ethics in Action [Ethics Bowl], which is taught every other (even-numbered) fall.

If you’d like to be on the UCCS Ethics Bowl team and get course credit, please consider taking PHIL 3010!

How to Get Involved

Being on the UCCS Ethics Bowl team involves meeting once a week for an hour or so. During this weekly hour, we’ll talk through the various cases and figure out what ethical positions the team wants to take in regard to the cases, and why.

Contact the Team Faculty Advisor

If you’re interested in being on the UCCS Ethics Bowl team, please email the team’s faculty advisor, Dr. Jen Kling, at

Visit the DEI Website

The UCCS Ethics Bowl team is sponsored by the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative (DFEI) at UCCS, a resource for principle-based ethics education serving students, educators, and the business community. For more information, please visit the DFEI website.