General Requirements

Philosophy teaches analytical and critical thinking, develops oral and written communication skills, and contributes to interdisciplinary understanding. Philosophy as a discipline attempts to answer perennial questions about values, human existence, and the nature of reality. Skills developed in this inquiry help philosophy students to excel in careers in law, medicine, management, education, government, writing, computer science, psychology, sociology, and ministry among many others. Philosophy majors consistently score in the top percentiles for all majors on the GRE, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT and other graduate and professional admissions tests.

Philosophy Bachelor of Arts, BA Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to display capacities for and skills in critical thinking
  • Be able to write clear, logical, and grammatically correct philosophical arguments
  • Be able orally to express clear, logical, and grammatically correct philosophical arguments
  • Be able to display detailed knowledge of the current literature or historical background of a philosophical problem
  • Be able to demonstrate research skills in locating and using resources and extending inquiry on philosophical questions

General Requirements

The bachelor of arts degree in philosophy requires 30 semester hours with grades of C or above; a maximum of 54 hours can be applied to the degree. At least 21 out of the 30 hours must be upper division courses (this may include Senior Project). The philosophy minor requires 18 hours of course work. The philosophy major may choose either the general requirements or the student may specialize in one of four optional programs.

Required Courses for the Philosophy Major

One course in Logic selected from:

  • PHIL 1120 – Critical Thinking
  • PHIL 3420 – Symbolic Logic I
  • PHIL 4420 – Symbolic Logic II

Senior Project

  • PHIL 4950 – Senior Project

Requirements for the Philosophy Minor

The department offers minors in areas of philosophy that complement various major fields. Minors require 18 hours of course work, including PHIL 1120. A minimum of 9 hours of upper-division courses as part of the major is required.

Philosophy Double Majors

Adding a philosophy major to one's major in another discipline, thereby creating a double major, is an option for students who wish to obtain a broader perspective in their discipline for post-graduate work. All requirements for the philosophy major apply to double majors. Students may have two different majors in two different colleges or in the same college.