Online Degree Program

Bachelor of Arts - Online Degree Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy is now being offered as an online degree program. Philosophy teaches analytical and critical thinking, develops oral and written communication skills, and contributes to interdisciplinary understanding. Philosophy as a discipline attempts to answer perennial questions about values, human existence, and the nature of reality. Skills developed in this inquiry help philosophy students to excel in careers in law, medicine, management, education, government, writing, computer science, psychology, sociology, and ministry, among many others. The philosophy major may choose either the general requirements or the student may specialize in one of four optional programs.

"The primary benefit of completing the BA online was convenience.  I would certainly recommend the Philosophy Online BA to students that lack the ability to be on campus.  I am greatly appreciative of the faculty members that enabled and assisted me in achieving the BA." - Fred Gustafson, Class of 2021, Fully Online BA in Philosophy

Here is a sample of the online courses currently offered by the Department of Philosophy:

  • Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 1000)
  • Introduction to Ethics (PHIL 1020)
  • Critical Thinking (PHIL 1120)
  • Cosmology and Culture (PHIL 3000)
  • Cyborgs and Monsters (PHIL 3050)
  • World Religions (PHIL 3100)
  • Ethics of Life and Health (PHIL 3130)
  • Philosophical Issues in Death and Dying (PHIL 3160)
  • Politics and the Law (PHIL 3200)
  • Modern Islamic Philosophy (PHIL 4930)
  • Senior Thesis (PHIL 4950)

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