Patrick J. D’Silva, Ph.D.

Patrick J. D’Silva

Patrick J. D’Silva, Ph.D.

Department of Philosophy

Professional Summary

I moved back to Colorado with my family in 2018 after finishing my PhD in Religious Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill. In addition to working with students on learning to improve their critical thinking and independent research skills, I really enjoy teaching about cross-cultural dialogue (with an emphasis on Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia). I am a big proponent of IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations – bonus points if you get this reference!), and I always encourage my students to think carefully about their preconceived notions of “normal,” and how those norms might appear to someone else. I find this is helpful for building empathy for the cultural and historical Other, which is ultimately the most important thing that I do as an educator.


Theory of Change

Dr. D'Silva joins the Theory of Change podcast for a conversation centering on the dynamics of religious freedom in contemporary times and what this means for our wellness and stability.


Philosophical Areas of Special Interest

Philosophy of Religion, Islamic Philosophy, Post-colonial theory, Ethics, Mysticism

Courses Regularly Taught

Intro to Philosophy (PHIL 1000)

World Religions  (PHIL 3100)

Islamic Philosophy (PHIL 3690)

Modern Islamic Philosophy (PHIL 4930)

Curriculum Vitae