Undergraduate Minors

Asian Studies Minor

buddhist statue

The Asian Studies Minor program at UCCS offers students the opportunity to study and appreciate Asian cultures, languages, and thoughts.

The program is designed to provide a broad and critical understanding of Asia and the Asian diaspora, with a focus on artistry, culture, geography, history, philosophy, and politics.

Classics Minor

Classic Philosophy Statue

The Classics Minor program offered by the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the literary and cultural traditions of ancient Greece and Rome.

Philosophy Minor

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The Philosophy Minor program at this department is designed to provide students with an understanding of philosophical concepts and approaches that complement their major fields of study.

Religious Studies Minor

religious architecture

The Minor in Religious Studies teaches students to examine and analyze religious beliefs and practices within their cultural, political, and historical contexts.

Students graduate with a firm grasp of religion as expressed through its cultural artifacts in different times and places, a foundation that is crucial to understanding human individuals and societies in the past, present, and future.