Asian Studies Minor

Asian Studies

Undergraduate Minor

Program Delivery

On Campus, Online, Hybrid

Total Credits

18 Credits

About the Minor

The Asian Studies program serves as a base and resource for those engaged or interested in the study of Asian cultures, languages, or thought at UCCS. Through our research, teaching, and service, we aim to facilitate and expand comprehension and appreciation of Asian artistry, culture, geography, history, philosophy, and politics. As an intellectual community, we construe the concepts of “Asia” and “Asian diaspora” broadly and critically, opening the program to a wide variety of cultural perspectives while also emphasizing the need for awareness of the differences among the regions of the continent, as well as the roughly 4.5 billion people who live there.

Focus of Study

The focus of study for the Asian Studies minor is the arts, cultures, languages, histories, geographies, philosophies, and religions of Asia, which is the world's largest continent.

The program aims to expand students' understanding and appreciation of these diverse and complex aspects of Asian life and thought, and encourages a broad and critical approach to the study of the continent and its people.

Program Requirements for Admission

For specific details regarding the application process, please visit the UCCS Admissions Details page.

Program Coursework

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