Patrick Yarnell, PhD

Patrick Yarnell, Ph.D.

Patrick Yarnell, PhD

Principal Instructor
Department of Philosophy
COLU 4058

Professional Summary

Patrick Yarnell earned his PhD in moral philosophy at the University of Nebraska in 1998. He was a Fellow of the 1994 Institute on Moral Knowledge at Dartmouth College.

His publications concern issues in ethics and practical rationality. Currently, he is focusing on American philosophers, including the transcendentalists and pragmatists.

For enjoyment, he composes and plays music, dabbles in photography, and practices his French.

Philosophical Areas of Special Interest

Normative ethics, practical rationality, analytic philosophy, logic

Regularly Taught Courses

PHIL 1000 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 1020 Ethics
PHIL 1120 Critical Thinking
PHIL 3420 Symbolic Logic

Curriculum Vitae