Jennifer Jensen, PhD

Jennifer Jensen, Ph.D.

Jennifer Jensen, PhD

Teaching Professor
Department of Philosophy
COLU 4054

Professional Summary

Jennifer Jensen received her PhD from the University of Notre Dame in 2008. Her primary areas of interest are analytic metaphysics and epistemology, philosophy of religion, and ethics. She is particularly interested in the metaphysics of free will and issues at the intersection of free will and religion. Moreover, she has interests in the recent work in the epistemology of disagreement—how should we think about our beliefs given the recognition that others disagree with us? She regularly teaches Critical Thinking, Ethics, and Faith and Reason. She also teaches Epistemology. She began teaching at UCCS in the spring of 2011

Philosophical Areas of Special Interest

  • Metaphysics and Epistemology
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Ethics

"Do We Have Moral Obligations to the Poor?"

Curriculum Vitae